About The Unknown

In October 2009, three friends received screen printing materials through an artist they met and befriended. Taught and guided by artists and veteran printers, we began to print our weird ideas and inside jokes on t-shirts. While some of those old t-shirts have been lost and forgotten in time, our newly acquired skills and our appetite for art have remained. As we continued to develop our knowledge and abilities, Unknown Arts was formed.

Today we’re a collection of friends learning and expressing ourselves through print from our humble studio in Burlington Vermont. Inspired by the values and traditions of our green state, we are constantly crafting t-shirts and other clothing designed by our friends and independent artists. All hand printed on our favorite soft, comfy, and USA-made American Apparel t-shirts. Our clothing can be found in many stores in and around Burlington, at our cart on the Church Street Marketplace during the summer, and our online store.

Through years of progress, we have come to find that printing with perfection and consistency is tough! So we make the utmost effort to have a high standard of quality by continually keeping our equipment and skills up to date. Using harmless, soy-based chemicals to clean our ink and stretching our own mesh to control the tension of our screens are two of the many ways we make sure every print is done cleanly and professionally. We also constantly test out new screens, inks, software, t-shirts, and even tape and sponges as part of our standard routine.

We share our expertise by offering our custom screen printing services to our local community and beyond. Strong communication with our customers helps us produce quickly and easily for them. However, every print job is different and, while some print shops may turn down tough jobs, taking on complex prints has proven to be the best way to improve our craft. Those projects have expanded our capabilities and furthered our understanding of the boundless world of screen printing.

Our print studio is constantly growing and we would be delighted for you to see it in its current stage. We're located at 19 Marble Avenue, which connects Pine Street and St. Paul Street in the south end of Burlington. Our entrance is the glass door in the parking lot to the left of Battery Street Jeans.